The Guide of Bain



File Integrity

Algorithm Original PDF
MD5 70f4d9fd98c0983e9dfc47c083690268
SHA1 27394011e8fe019534b1f839712a419b8951eaa2
SHA256 74c9a5161d2a6c2fd2e8669636d6b2ac66b2968fb2dbbcbfa1bacd2eada368b9
Algorithm Extracted Images 7z
MD5 e50872f211e2e3ab745276334e32ce7b
SHA1 603289f0c9809d871665b299f72ef0656a8467ec
SHA256 cd4f96ecb27c07d29846eafea73a893a2ba54e0b2e9728af172abd3e339c0426



The Guide of Bain is a Bonus included in the Career Criminal Edition of PAYDAY 2 which was a Pre-Purchase option. Even though this offer has long passed, you should still acquire the game and play it as it's good enough to motivate someone to build a website like this. See you ingame!

Image Extraction from PDF

There are accessible PDFs in which you can click TOC entries in order to jump right to the corresponding content, highlight the same and copypaste it cleanly from the document and then there's files like Bain's Guide which is just a series of images surrounded by some PDF framework. The JPEG data streams in the PDF can easily be extracted as-is using tools like pdfimages. The following command was probably used to extract the image files used here - Sorry, it's been a while:
pdfimages -j "The Guide of Bain.pdf" page